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Pillar One-TRUST

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

So we have touched based on the five pillars that build off of, and in turn, support #GenuineConnection.

Let's review the Five Pillars:






So we start with TRUST and here is why-Trust is the most fragile, the most black and white and the most transitional pillar to achieve real connections in real time.

Fragile-Trust is like a piece of paper. Once you crumple it up, you can smooth it out, you can even write on it again, but it will never be the same. It will never be just as good as it was.

Black and White-We all know what "trust" is defined differently for all of us, however we all know that once trust is achieved or ruined that is it's new state despite our own personal definitions.

Transitional-Once true trust is achieved and proven to be in good hands the sky is the limit for your relationship to take off! You are in possession of something powerful that can sway decisions, influence choice and allow you to build the next pillar. Without Trust if would be like building your foundation on swamp land.

Digital Trust

Digital trust is fundamentally the same as regular trust as far as being fragile and easily set adrift. The major difference and unlike personal human interaction, you must wait for the other person to approach you based on the content that you have provided thus far. Once that person has been inspired enough to come out of the shadows and make contact the ball is 100% in your court as to how you are going to handle this relationship going forward. You must be timely in your responses, you must be transparent, you must be helpful but the number one thing that is often overlooked is you must be a good human! Just be kind, be fallible and let go of expectations.

Never lose sight of the goal here: To prove that you and your business is a trustworthy connection full of value beyond the price tag. This is how you get handed down from generation to generation and it all starts with TRUST!

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