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Pillar Five-Follow Through

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

From a golf swing to commerce, Follow Through is the most important part of the process.

When somebody reaches out digitally inquiring about services or even purchases a product or service from us, we are quicker today to take that accolade to a colleague around the water cooler and say "I GOT a lead" or "I GOT a sale". Why aren't we going directly and instantly to that lead or sale and saying "I GOT you. I care and I'm here for you?"

This is the disconnect when we don't follow through.

Wether you are selling keychains or keys to a house the simple act of reaching back out during and after the process is a crucial step in building your long-term relationship.

True that somebody that buys a house may not be in the market to buy another house for a while, but that is not the point. The point is to make a genuine connection and begin the relationship process so that anybody in that persons orbit can be presented you as a credible source of the service or product they need.

Pick and choose carefully how you follow through. If for any reason the person in question might not want the world to know that they are a client then reach out privately. If the sales process is already public then make your follow through public. Thank them for their trust and service publicly and ask if there is anything else that you can do for them. Wish them Happy Birthday on their timeline or comment on some of their posts. The 95% of the audience that is remaining in the shadows will see your interaction and immediately know that they can expect the same touch when they decide to come forth.

It's not hard to be genuine and use the same principals of engagement and friendship both professionally and personally and trust me, you will stand out for all the right reasons!

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