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Pillar Four-Levity

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Think about Social Media as a cocktail party. All of the attendees are "friends", followers or people that have been invited to attend.

Are you, as a host of the party, going to have your party talked about in the most glowing of lights around the water cooler tomorrow by showing your attendees endless graphs, spreadsheets, promotions you are having or instructions on how to help your business, or, are you going to be engaging, entertaining and even witty to achieve your goals?

In business we very often lose sight of the fact that the first word of Social Media is SOCIAL!

The same rules and trends apply to a business or brand as does that of the individual posting pictures of their summer vacation.

Don't lose sight of this fact!

Once upon the 19th Century levity was argued as a scientific force equal to or greater than the opposing force of gravity. In laymen's terms levity is light where gravity is heavy.

They key to properly executing levity in your social media campaigns is to tread lightly, stay away from divisive material and monitor what is getting traction in order to evolve that message. Be observational! Look at what other brands are doing in the same space and look at the comments to see how it is tracking.

You don't want to create a scenario that clearly paints you on one side or the other of a naturally divisive message.

Even if you are not a "funny" person, overtime and with peer review and feedback, you will become a finely tuned warrior armed with levity.

If it makes you laugh chances are pretty good it will make somebody else laugh and they might be your next customer!

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