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We are "Six Street" as homage to my beautiful family that consists of Myself, my 4 remarkable children and my loyal pup Rocket!

and we exist because of a short series of events.

My father was in real estate my whole life. Listening to him try to wrap his mind around the recent social media boom at the time, and me in the other room surfing instinctively on said social media but never connecting our dots was really only realized by me after his passing a few years later.

An opportunity to connect on a multi-generational plane was squandered.

I made it my mission to jump into the digital space with the goal of moving along with the ebbs and flows and then sharing that message continually with people who might be struggling like my dad did.

In this process I began to see the similarities of the lessons my father had taught me through life and the most successful digital campaigns online.

When I needed car insurance for the first time my father told me I was going to use Dave Rodgers.

Was it because his rates were lowest? NO. It was because Dave called every Christmas to ask how we were all doing, by name!

When I got into my first fender bender my dad told me to go see Jim Gallucci. Was this because he accepted my insurance? NO. It was because my dad knew that Jim was a straight shooter.

It dawned on me that the most powerful connections that last the test of time are built on trust, respect and personal touches. Once these are made then every client becomes an ambassador of your product and will save others the process of vetting you themselves.

Price point matters less than human connection.

I am still insured by Dave's son and the Gallucci's still fix my cars.


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