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The Calling-Inbound Marketing

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Years ago when I was an independent marketing consultant simply trying to find my way in the world I was hired by an Outbound Marketing firm that was in the process of changing their business model to an Inbound Marketing approach. I was to come in and assist in creating the content for that business to begin building their repository.

The first question inside the door was did I know anything about Inbound Marketing. I did not. In some instances, the go-to response for many hungry writers is "YUP, Inbound is my life" and then go in the dark of night to research what exactly I had just said yes to. Thank goodness that a the voice of a previous mentor rang loudly in my head saying "one of the most powerful things you can ever say is "I don't know"'. (more on this later)

By being honest I opened the door for my client (later employer) to send me to the HubSpots Academy for Inbound Marketing where my head was peeled back and my brain watered like a thirsty garden. I had found my calling in my professional life!

Since then I have sat across the table from some of the industries top Thought Leaders and consumed their knowledge. I have taken the lessons that have been afforded me and mixed them with my own observations and work in the digital workplace. I have slowly been churning the pot of my own conclusions of how businesses can be successful with genuine connections that are made, nurtured and treated as valuable relationships and the power of these relationships that transcend the boundaries of time and individual transactions.

This is my platform from thousands of hours of tutelage, trial, error and conversations and I am very excited to bring you on this journey with me.

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