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Pedigree and Inspiration

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

While I was consulting with the digital agency that had hired me to help them transition from a predominant outbound marketing firm to an inbound marketing one I was approached by a startup in Silicon Valley that was developing an app. An experience that would further lay the stones on my recently exposed life's path.

The app was Audvisor and consisted of inspired sound bites from the worlds largest thought leaders in three minutes or less. Topics covered included, Management, Innovate, Leadership, Marketing, Social Media and more. My title was "Relationship Manager" which included writing the questions that would lead to opening up these Thought Leaders and executing the questions in a recorded interview. Post production we would isolate their answers and catalog them. This was an amazing job!

I very quickly realized that I was not just helping to build an app but rather I was in a concentrated, high octane business school where I was one of the first students and I was receiving multiple specific lessons daily on everything that had just peeled my brain so recently.

Every tidbit of information shared was like a seed of knowledge being planted in my garden. Nothing was wasted on me and I woke daily excited to learn what flower would bloom next. I went into Audvisor as a writing consultant and left a digital marketing entrepreneur molded by minds like Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Simon T. Bailey and my personal guru Ted Rubin.

For the next 7 years I would build my first Digital Marketing Agency putting into practice the lessons that I was so freely given. I would learn what worked and what didn't and why. I would deepen my connection to the power of the digital world while stripping it down to lessons that the lay person could understand and execute. Most importantly I would attach my father given moral fiber and power of human interaction

to a platform that was new and often scary to the marketing community and draw the hard lines of connection.

This then is that space in which for me to share the findings of my work with all of you to be inspired to go out and #GenuinelyConnect.

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