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Connecting in COVID Days

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

One negative thing that technology has done for business is it seems to have zapped customer service.

You would think that in a time of connectivity options and the word "social" being used daily more than any other word that businesses would be embracing the nuances of these two factors. I am certain that if you took your last two phone calls in regards to reaching out to a company for assistance, one, if not both, were a disaster and waste of time. Every time my wife says "I need you to call the cable company" I shake and get the cold sweats.

The good news is that this is an opportunity for you to stand apart from the rest!

I specialize in small to mid level markets and one of the major disconnects I see comes from the larger guys. Often they realize their power and it manifests itself in senseless automated processes, canned responses, mountains of disingenuous content that leaves the consumer feeling like a sheep, unimportant save for their wool.

I understand that with great volume comes less choices for the consumer, but that should not stop large companies from using some of their time to #GenuinelyConnect with the people that support them.

In our current landscape of COVID-19 and social unrest, the playing field has been leveled. We are all uncertain, confused and scared about how to navigate the new normal. Let your people know that you are not exempt from these emotions. This transparency does not have to do with selling your product of service and yes people are looking to businesses to lead them in their particular field. You are a leader in what you do and you will offer solutions based on your products or services based on tireless research and protocols; however you are a human above all else, so feel free to take off your industry cape and let your audience know that you understand what is happening and you are here with them to figure it all out and make tomorrow better.

There is no room in connecting genuinely as a business by picking one side or the other and shouting at your audience your beliefs. Pick the topics that everybody understands. We love our family, we want to be healthy and we find comfort in our community.

One of the best comments you can make when/if the time arrives is "I don't know, but I will find out". This type of transparency eclipses the knee jerk response of providing an answer just because somebody is asking for one. Never be ashamed if you don't have the answer, but always be prepared to find one and get back to them.

Be genuine about your feelings and the right people will find you and stay with you.

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