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#BeLove and the Empathy Loop

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

While routinely unwinding at the end of another busy day with Six Street and family I was digesting the days news and being influenced by the wave of COVID-19 "We will get through this together" advertisements. This particular cocktail of media picked me up from the couch and spun me around mentally as I slipped on the proverbial shoes of the subjects in each of these two platforms.

What resulted in 10 minutes, 100 years was the need to share with all of you some perspective.

Right now in our topsy-turvy existence we are stir crazy. We are frustrated at not being able to get our hair cut (not me), get our nails painted (also not me) or eat at our favorite restaurant, and all rightly so. We are so lost in our homes that we have neglected the gift that we have been given of time. Couple this with our increased use of social media (44% Increase in use since March 19th...Facebook Analytics) and we find ourselves reacting to opposing views on social media from the hip in a duel style fashion.

We have been given a reprieve from our daily, treadmill-like, existence to focus on our core foundation. Family, time, survival...these are all we need to concentrate on right now, but yet we are jumping in with both feet to verbally bash those with opposing views.

We all have our own personal definitions of "Love" and while they are different in their executions the core system is rooted in positivity.

We need to apply those principals of love to our reactions online, professionally and personally.

I propose the #BeLove hashtag for your consideration. This entails stopping instead of flying your thumbs across your keypad. Take a breath and in one instance understand that there is (potentially) something far greater going on with your target. Apply love and understanding and let that dictate your response. Be kind or don't be at all and move on. Do not condemn. Do not "unfriend". We are all discovering some new opinions right now and the simple fact that they are uniquely yours and theirs makes both sides right.

Furthermore; when you encounter a shared opinion that is so dramatically different from your own and you cannot stop your thumbs from flying, create a post for yourself about love. What does it mean to you in that moment? Your child having their morning cereal, pizza night, renting Trolls 2 for the 3rd time this week...whatever it is, create your post and slap #BeLove on it. You will sleep better that night!

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