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Three Heartfelt Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing (and Two Tips)

Many social media experts focus entirely on the statistics. They rely on data to help them make the optimal decisions for their businesses.

That's a great method, but not everybody has such a dispassionate approach to business. What if you want to thrive on social media while maintaining your human touch? Luckily, you don't have to be a robot to win on Facebook. This is why it’s “social” media.

These tactics will all improve your Facebook page engagement without sacrificing your personality. You can use them to get great Facebook results while connecting deeply with your audience.

1. Respond to Every Comment

If you want to understand your fans, you have to talk with them. There's no substitute for genuine one-on-one conversations with members of your audience.

You'll get to hear first-hand accounts of why people like your brand, which will improve your product and market fit over time. Even better, you will make your fans happy by responding to them.

Have you ever gotten more excited than you should because a brand responded to you on Facebook? Most people do. You can trigger a similar enthusiasm in your fans. Respond to every comment as fast as possible and you will build a deeper relationship with your audience.

2. Post Every Single Day

A great brand is like a trustworthy old friend. Whenever you turn to the brand for help, it delivers.

The greatest gift you can give via Facebook is consistency. With more than 1.9 billion daily active users, there's never a lack of people looking for content on the platform. More often than not, avid social media users find themselves scrolling repeatedly through the news feed in hopes of new entertainment.

When you post every day, you deliver something valuable to your fans. You become a part of their daily routine. It's a deep way to connect with an audience.

3. Avoid Self Promotion

It's easy to fall into the trap of too much self promotion on Facebook. After all, promotion may feel like the main reason you're using social media.

Facebook is about more than that. It's a way to connect with fans and make people happy. As time goes on, you will have a million different ways to make money. The real gift is to make your customers happy in the process.

Try to post at least three valuable customer-focused posts for each one self-promotional post you make. Follow this rule at all costs. You can only hurt your long-term prospects when you over-promote.

Engage, entertain and educate your audience. Sometimes just being the source of the post is enough brand credibility.

TIP: The Heartfelt Social Media Marketer

Do not fall into the trap of ignoring your fans. They are the bedrock of your success.

You can't do anything without an audience. Their needs are more important than your own, since you won't be able to continue your business if they leave. Think about that and be humble in your business dealings.

TIP: You Are NOT Alone

The quickest way that social media presences fall away is the pressure of time vs. obligation. It can be overwhelming if you feel your are alone.

Use other people/agencies to help in your Facebook posts. Engage your staff and find those that would love to spread the company message and use the time wisely to do so. The sense of ownership can result in wonderful posts that might not have been thought of previously.

Be persistent and you can increase your popularity on Facebook. These tactics are the first step to getting more followers and customers.

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