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My Interactive Podcast

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

I am so excited to introduce my Swell Cast!

Swell is an application that allows me to record short (under 5 minute) audio recordings (called Swells) and post them on a social platform inviting the masses to listen, promote and engage in the topics I am speaking about.

The most wonderful thing about using Swell as the platform for a podcast is the interaction that is promoted.

Once I post my podcast, any listener has the ability to record their own Swell to start the conversation. Perhaps you have an opinion, opposing view, feedback or our own personal story to add to the Swell. This ability to interact with all participants rounds out the content and make the topic much more robust and meaningful.

So much actual meaning is lost in "comments" and "text". With Swell, you hear my actual voice sharing my thoughts as well as the actual voices of participants. So many more connections can be made by getting to know somebody through their voice and the good people at Swell understand this.

Please tune-in to my Swell Cast and by all means participate in the conversation. My true hope is to #GenuinelyConnect with all of you by all means necessary while sharing my philosophies and learned information in and around the business landscape.

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